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2015 Focus RS Rumored to Be a 330 Horsepower FWD Anomaly

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While only rumored, Sweden's Auto Motor Sport believes the next Focus RS will get the same 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo four as the 2015 Mustang. Yes, please.

2015 Focus RS Rumored

The 2015 Focus RS is being rumored as a 330 horsepower FWD beast. Want? Want (Pictured: Focus RS at Geneva, 2010)

Remember when Europe got the Ford Focus ST hatchback and American performance fans were all like “Hey, what gives? We want one of those!” Remember how, after years of cajoling, we finally got ST versions of the Focus and Fiesta in 2013 and life was good once again? Well, you might want to get ready to beg again, because Auto Motor Sport of Sweden is reporting that America’s brand is working on a follow-up to yet another European fave: the 2015 Focus RS.

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According to the rough translation, the new Focus RS is still on the horizon, though it is not likely to make an appearance at either next week’s Geneva Motor Show or even at the Paris Salon this fall. It is expected, however, that the 2015 Focus RS will get the same 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo four that will be available for the 2015 Mustang.

What’s that mean for the next-gen Focus RS? Try about 330 horsepower—all going to the front wheels. Yep, the RS is likely to maintain the front-wheel-drive platform that made its predecessor so obscenely fun to drive. Well, one can only assume that it’s ridiculously fun after reading Matt Hardigree’s account of a fateful day in Texas almost four years ago.

Of course, the Focus RS wasn’t ever officially released in the United States in its previous iterations, and the likelihood of the 2015 Focus RS making its way to the States is contingent upon sales of the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. So, uh, hey. Let’s go buy all of those up right quick, how ‘bout it?

How much want do you have for a 300-hp FWD hatchback? Some of the want or all of the want?