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2015 Honda Fit Price Leak Suggests Marginal Jump in MSRP

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2015 Honda Fit Price Leak

2015 Honda Fit at the Chicago Auto Show.

If you’re anything like us, you’re extremely excited about the 2015 Honda Fit. Like, really excited. One might even say that you’re feeling jacked for it. It’s good to know, then, that if the price figures leaked yesterday by user ChrisAP1 are any indication, we don’t really have to worry about Honda jacking up the price of the new Fit.

The 2015 Honda Fit price leak suggests that the new model will be offered in three trims—LX, EX, and EX-L. According to the post from ChrisAP1, the LX will run an MSRP of $15,525 (manual) and $16,325 (automatic); the EX will run $17,435 (manual) and $18,235 (automatic); the EX-L will be $19,800 (automatic); and the EX-L with Navigation will be $20,800. The prices do not include a destination charge, which is $790 for the current model.

Of course, given the date of the leak and the fact that its poster has only logged three posts, it’s entirely possible that the Fit price leak could be an extremely lame April Fools’ Day joke. If there is any validity to the figures, then the 2015 Fit LX will cost $100 more for manual and $110 more for CVT; the EX will run $275 more for manual and $275 more for CVT; and the EX-L base will cost $10 more than the Fit Sport with Navigation and $1,010 more when equipped with Navigation of its own (via Auto Blog).

2015 Honda Fit Price Leak

If you are anything like us, you cannot wait to walk up to this view of the 2015 Honda Fit on dealership lots!

Honda will likely be releasing the official sales price of the 2015 Fit sometime in the coming weeks. Production is underway at the Celaya, Mexico assembly plant, and the release date looms on the horizon. When the official sales prices are announced, expect to find them here at The News Wheel!