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Oh Good, There’s Already a 2015 Mustang Recall

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2015 Mustang Recall

There is already a 2015 Mustang recall because of course there is

Hey there. How are you doing? Are you enjoying that new Mustang of yours? I bet you were really excited after you drove that sweet, sweet ‘Stang off the lot, thinking that you’d be the cock of the walk in your little corner of the world.

Well, bad news: you could be the proud owner of one of the 53 2015 Mustangs that have been recalled today for a problem with the passenger side safety belt.

Yep. There’s already a recall in effect for the 2015 Ford Mustang. Are we just treating cars like video games now? That’s what it feels like. Any car you buy brand-new off the lot may as well be the alpha test, and once a few weeks have passed and a few injuries have been reported, you can expect a 20 gig patch that fixes most of the bugs.

From Ford:

The safety belt buckle tension sensor, included in the assembly, may not have been calibrated at the supplier. A buckle tension sensor that is not calibrated may result in misclassification of the front passenger seat occupant, which is a noncompliance issue with FMVSS 208. This issue may lead to improper passenger airbag deployment for the occupant, which could increase the risk of injury in a crash.

The models affected were built between August 18 and October 2; 50 of them sold in the United States, and three of them sold in Canada.

Stay tuned, folks. We’re on 2015 Mustang v1.02, so it’s likely only a matter of time before we determine that something else got overlooked and get patched into v2.08.