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2016 Chevy Models with 8-Inch Touchscreen Eligible for Android Auto Update

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Android auto is a standard feature of the 2016 Chevy Spark

A 2016 Chevy Spark with Android Auto

In addition to Buick LaCrosse and Regal drivers finally being able to access Android Auto, Chevrolet dealers across the US now have the software needed to update eight-inch MyLink systems in select 2016 Chevy models with Android Auto capability. The update is available only through Chevrolet dealers.

The owners of qualifying 2016 model year Chevrolets will receive a communication from the automaker explaining how to get the free update. Chevy says the update will only take 30 minutes.

“We are working with our dealers to make the software update as quick and easy as possible to minimize any inconvenience to our owners,” said Chevy VP Brian Sweeney.

Chevrolets with the seven-inch MyLink touchscreens are already equipped with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability, and Apple CarPlay has already been integrated with the eight-inch MyLink systems, as well. So it is only Android smartphone users who drive a 2016 Chevy with an eight-inch screen that have had to wait for this day.

2016 Chevy Cruze sedans with compatible MyLink systems will hit dealerships with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability, meaning no update will be required.

Chevrolet offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility in 14 different models, more than any automotive brand. The lineup of compatible vehicles ranges from the brand’s cheapest car, the 2016 Spark, to its prestige performance car, the Corvette Z06.

To use Android Auto, drivers must have a phone running the Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system or higher, while Apple CarPlay is only compatible with iPhone 5 or later.

Here is a list of 2016 model year Chevrolet vehicles eligible for the Android Auto software update (if equipped with an eight-inch MyLink infotainment system):

Malibu (Excludes Limited)




Camaro Convertible


Corvette Convertible


Silverado HD