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2017 Holden Commodore Customers Given Opportunity to Claim Build Numbers

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2017 Holden Commodore production photo

In a unique twist on the traditional vehicle-buying process, Holden gave customers who purchased one of its 2017 Commodores photographs of their new rides as they were pushed through the Adelaide production line.

Further, customers who purchased a Commodore Motorsport Edition, Director Edition, or Magnum Edition the chance to claim their preferred build numbers. It was reported that more than 50% of all available numbers were gobbled up in just under 15 minutes, proving the popularity of the approach with customers.

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“Providing a customer experience that’s over and above all expectations is critical for us, and the feedback we’ve had from these two initiatives so far has been phenomenal,” said Holden’s CRM Manager, Rich Wright.

“One minute before the Special Edition build number selection website went live, we had over 1,000 people waiting for it to open; three hours later, almost 80% of numbers for sold cars had been claimed,” Wright added. “We’ve seen some definite trends in number popularity. For example, all of the first 200 and last 100 Motorsport Edition numbers have gone, as well as all double and triple digits like 55 or 555. It’s been great to watch!”

2017 Holden Commodore build number selection

The selection process ends on May 10th, and any vehicle built thereafter will be assigned an arbitrary, unclaimed production number.

Any customer who purchased a 2017 Commodore will receive a digital photograph of their vehicle being built upon delivery via email.

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