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2018 Honda Accord Review: Style and Substance

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2018 Honda Accord Touring

The Honda Accord is a favorite midsize car that doesn’t cease to amaze with its top-quality design, luxurious cabin, futuristic tech, and outstanding fuel economy. The 2018 model comes with some new tweaks that improve its practicality as well as its aesthetics. In this review, you’ll find information about its unique style and design.

Exterior Styling

At a glance, it is easy to differentiate the 2018 Honda Accord from its predecessors based on the outward styling alone. The latest Accord comes with an all-new plunging grille and c-shaped headlights. It sports a slightly wider wheelbase and a long hood. Also, it is more low-slung and lighter than its predecessors. These features give it a bold and sinewy stance that is quite appealing especially to drivers who fancy a sporty sedan.

It is also easy to notice the tighter front and rear overhangs on the 2018 Accord, which makes it appear larger than before. The midsize sedan features a conservative physique unlike its sister, the Honda Civic. It is, therefore, more elegant but with an upscale body contour. One would expect that this upgrade could lead to some sacrifices in its interior functionality. However, that isn’t the case as illustrated in this review.

Interior Styling

The 2018 Honda Accord’s redesign does not end with its outward appearance. Its interior has also witnessed some significant elegance and comfort tweaks that seek to put it in front of the class. When you step into the sedan, you can quickly notice the wide air vents, thin trim panels, and unobtrusive center stack. These features ensure that the vehicle has sufficient cabin space, which is usually a common problem for many cars in the compact sedan category.

Other premium features worth noting on the 2018 Accord include the chic silver accents and linings, excellent quality textured plastics, and an ergonomic climate control knob. Once you advance to higher trims of the Accord, you will get leather accented upholstery, Zelkova wood trim pieces, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Accord’s dashboard isn’t cluttered with controls. Buttons and knobs that sit left of the steering wheel are marked in large font for better legibility.

The new Accord’s infotainment system doesn’t go unnoticed, either. Its LCD is quite user-friendly and can be operated through simple tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom moves. The system allows you to customize the orientation apps for quicker access. In addition, it is fitted with the latest generation of HondaLink telematics, which delivers a boatload of safety features. Emergency roadside assistance, geofencing, speed tracking, and vehicle tracker are just some of the features that the HondaLink system offers.

Style and Substance

As portrayed by the features mentioned above, the 2018 Honda Accord is quite ahead of its competitors. Owing to its quality and substance, the 2018 Honda Accord is one of those cars that you wouldn’t risk losing in a vehicle title loan. Honda’s bold move to give the 2018 Accord an aggressive look will most likely pay off as the car enters showrooms nationwide.

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