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2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR Looks Ready to Eat You Up

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2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR

Toyota quite handily smashed the competition in NASCAR last year and the teams responsible for the manufacturer’s 16 wins were able to have more input on the road car’s design, particularly with regards to the front-end aerodynamics.

Apparently, what that really meant was giving the Camry a maw-like grille designed to subjugate the roads and all nearby vehicles to its will. In fact, the 2018 Camry road car looks so aggressive than when it was unveiled beside the NASCAR version, you might have been forgiven for briefly wondering which was which before getting a glimpse of the roll cage and race stickers.

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You may be tempted to believe that in their attempt to give the Camry a meaner edge, its designers attempted to make it look more akin to the Monster Energy cup car; in reality, it was the opposite. According to Toyota, designers and engineers from the automaker’s Calty design studio and TRD arm worked together to ensure the NASCAR Camry featured the same aggressive attributes as the production version.

That’s right—when Kurt Busch sees a Furniture Row Racing Camry in his rearview mirror later this year, he’ll have the best-selling family sedan in America to thank for the fear of being eaten alive that is sure to subsequently overcome him.

2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR

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Under the hood, however, is a whole different story. The 2018 Camry Monster Energy Cup car is powered by a 358-cubic-inch iron-block, aluminum-head, pushrod V8 with fuel injection. Sadly, that’s two more cylinders than the most available in the roadgoing Camry, and the popular sedan won’t be offered with rear-wheel-drive either. Still we’ll take what we can.