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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Beats Toyota Corolla in Head-to-Head

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2019 Honda Civic Hatchback
Photo: Honda

Toyota recently launched a new hatchback variant of the Corolla, and while the nameplate is famous, the car itself has been only lukewarmly received. Why bother with a Corolla Hatchback when you can have a Honda Civic Hatchback, which has been around for much longer and already knows how to play the hatchback game?

Car and Driver seems to agree, having named the Civic Hatchback the better of the two cars in a recent head-to-head comparison that pit the two cars together in various comprehensive tests. The Toyota was well regarded for its appearance, but beyond that, the Honda had the upper hand.

“A quick trip around the block reveals that it has a long way to go as a machine designed to be operated by humans,” Car and Driver’s Mike Sutton said about the Corolla. The Civic’s controls, on the other hand, “all move with tightness, precision, and a pleasing amount of feedback.”

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The Civic performed better in acceleration, braking, and handling tests, all the while delivering equal or superior fuel economy. Inside, it was a similar story. The Honda boasts a superior instrument cluster and much more practical rear seats and cargo area.

“While other solid entries make for a highly competitive compact-car space, the choice between the latest Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla hatchbacks is pretty cut and dry,” Sutton concluded. “Along with the Civic lineup being broader as a whole, Honda’s hatch remains attractively priced, better packaged, and far more rewarding to operate … The Civic is simply the more satisfying machine for the money.”

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News Source: Car and Driver