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2020 Versa Marketing Campaign Celebrates Working Families

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2020 Nissan Versa
Photo: Nissan

As part of Nissan’s spotlight on its Intelligent Mobility system, the automaker’s newest marketing campaign shines a spotlight on how its vehicles’ affordability and innovative technology help ease some of the stress of making your way through the modern world. More specifically, the all-new 2020 Versa is spearheading a campaign that Nissan is calling “Fuel Your Go.”

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Allyson Witherspoon, Vice President, Marketing Communications and Media, Nissan North America, said: “Fuel Your Go highlights the fast-paced and sometimes hectic lives of many Americans, with Nissan’s ‘tech that moves you’ as the guiding principle of the campaign.”

The 2020 Nissan Versa has received widespread praise for its class-leading suite of standard safety technology, including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear automatic braking, and lane-departure warnings. The goal of the Versa campaign is to show the real, human impact that having a reliable, safe, and affordable car can have on the individuals who drive them.

The movement kicked off with a brand new commercial entitled “Good Night, Good Morning.” It shows us a moment in the life of a young working couple; one who works the graveyard shift at a hospital, and the other who has a day job. Like many young families, they can only afford one vehicle, and only have time to pause briefly for a hug as they exchange keys.

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The rest of the campaign is supposed to continue down this humanist road, with an upcoming ad featuring a daughter preventing her dad from sitting on a cat as a way to illustrate Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. Nissan is also plowing full-strength ahead with the tech-focused side of the plan. The automaker recently partnered with Google to test new software designed to help advertisers create thousands of video ads using only one asset.

Nissan also plans to distribute the campaign via traditional broadcast TV, Google/YouTube, and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.