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2021 Keystone Montana RV Gets Standard Solar Prep

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2021 Keystone Montana High Country
Photo: Keystone RV Company

The Keystone RV Company has launched its updated 2021 Montana and Montana High Country RVs, which come with two notable new features offered as standard equipment.

For 2021, the Keystone Montana will be among the first to offer an all-new Dexter Gladiator Robust Sprung Axle Package. Keystone says this was one of the most demanded customer features, which it claims will improve camber retention and reduce the likelihood of flattened springs.

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The package includes more capable leaf springs, a 50 percent thicker axle tube, bronze bushings, and greased zerk bolts that improve service life. It’s also designed to be compatible with Dexter’s self-adjusting brake system, which boosts stopping performance while removing the need for manual brake adjustments.

“By continuing to upgrade core components like these, we keep Montana owners on the road with minimal service interruptions,” said Sam Lengerich, Montana Product Manager.

Another highly-demanded feature was advanced solar preparation. The company’s Super SolarFlex solar energy system still comes at a premium, but the 2021 Montana now comes standard with a roof access port, five inverted outlets, and inverter prep that will make installing an aftermarket solar system much easier for customers.

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“Rewiring a coach for an aftermarket solar system is a massive pain point for our customers,” Lengerich explained. “We wanted to eliminate that headache by building a plug and play solution, whether owners go with a factory system like Super SolarFlex or choose their own components.”

Based in Goshen, Indiana, Keystone is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of towable RVs. The Montana and Montana High Country rank among its bestsellers.