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2022 Corolla Cross Production is Under Way at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

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Mazda Toyota Manufacturing employees work on a body panel for 2022 Corolla Cross production
Photo: Toyota

Production for the all-new 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross is now under way at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, a joint venture partnership in Huntsville, Alabama. The Corolla Cross is the very first vehicle to roll off one of the factory’s two assembly lines.

“This is the moment MTM and our North Alabama community have waited for since we broke ground in November 2018,” said Mark Brazeal, vice president of administration at MTM. “We are excited to see Corolla Cross in dealerships across the U.S.”

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The Corolla Cross is built on MTM’s “Apollo” assembly line while an upcoming, yet-to-be-announced Mazda SUV will be built on its “Discovery” assembly line. The factory currently employs 2,300 people and is looking to hire another 1,700 as it ramps up to full production.

With all 4,000 team members, which the companies expect to finish hiring next year, the plant will be able to produce 300,000 vehicles annually. Like the ownership of the facility, the share of the production will be an even split, with Mazda and Toyota churning out 150,000 vehicles each.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing employee works on an engine
Photo: Toyota

“I’m so proud of our team members, and I’m excited to continue our hiring plan to add to our MTM family,” said Janette Hostettler, vice president of production. “Our team members exhibit a true commitment to safety and quality, and it is a big day for them to watch the Corolla Cross drive off our line ready to be shipped.”

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing was announced in 2017 and incorporated in 2018. The plant is Toyota’s 11th in the United States and Mazda’s first. So far, the two automakers have invested $2.311 billion in MTM. It had originally planned for $1.6 billion but invested another $830 million last year to bolster training and manufacturing technologies in anticipation for the next-gen SUVs.