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Job Posting Suggests 2023 Ford Mustang Will Start Next Gen

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2019 Ford Mustang 50
Photo: Ford Motor Company

A since-removed job post made by Ford on LinkedIn for a “wind/road noise and air leakage plant vehicle team engineer” seems to suggest that the seventh-generation Ford Mustang will bow in 2022.

Automotive News reports that the posting sought applicants who would be able to help put “the final sign off on the Ford 2023 Mustang S650 vehicle program before it goes to the customers.” It further noted that S650 would launch in 2022 as a 2023 model-year vehicle.

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Ford was unsurprisingly quick to snuff out the job posting after it was discovered and characteristically unwilling to comment after it was reported. The fact of the Ford Mustang reaching its seventh generation is less a matter of if than when, and the likelihood that it will head into production within two years quite firmly shuts down a report from last April that had it delayed until as far off as 2029.

With Ford aiming to have one of the freshest lineups in the industry — and with plans to drop a hybrid version of the Mustang already confirmed — it only makes sense that the automaker would want to get a hyped-up new Mustang on the streets sooner rather than later. That holds particularly true given the fact that the Mustang will be the only car in the Ford lineup come 2021 and with potential interest in a new Mustang rising with the launch of the Mustang Mach-E.

The new agreement with the UAW confirms that the next-generation Mustang will be built at Flat Rock as part of a quarter-million-dollar investment through 2023. It’s likely to be built on the CD6 platform that underpins the new Ford Explorer, which means that it could be significantly larger than the current-gen Mustang.

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