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2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Is ’70s Sweetness

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2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling in Shadow Black on a beach
The 1970s called. It wants its Ford Bronco Sport back. From the future.
Photo: Ford

Ford this week announced updates for its 2024 Bronco Sport, and the most exciting is a new trim offering with a … let’s say groovy sensibility. The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling revives the far-out look of the classic Free Wheeling package offered in the late 1970s and early ’80s. This follows the retro Heritage Edition, which launched last year and returns for 2024.

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“The Ford Free Wheeling package was developed to appeal to younger customers,” said Ted Ryan, Archives and Heritage Brand Manager for Ford. “The Free Wheeling Broncos were as popular as they were distinctive.”

Disco-ver the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling

And the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling is plenty distinctive in its own right. With hood, bodyside, and liftgate graphics in a gradient of red, orange, and yellow, the Free Wheeling has freaky-deeky standout appeal. Just as out of sight are the unique 17-inch high-gloss black wheels with red accents.

Interior of a 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling
Pretty boss, right?
Photo: Ford

While it’s not quite a shaggin’ wagon, the spacious interior of the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling gets its own 1970s-inspired styling. You get red, orange, and yellow seat inserts and hombre stitching that carry on the sunset motif as well as Race Red details in the door trim and beneath the center stack.

The Free Wheeling trim is essentially a reskinned Big Bend, so you get all the good vibes. You know what we mean. Standard 4×4, a HOSS System, the Terrain Management System with five G.O.A.T. Modes. It starts at $33,700 MSRP, just about $2,500 above the price of the Big Bend, which is now the base model.

Bronco Sport Big Bend gets Black Appearance Package

2024 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend with Black Appearance Package
2024 Bronco Sport Big Bend with Black Appearance Package
Photo: Ford

Speaking of the 2024 Ford Bronco Big Bend, the entry-level trim is now available with a Black Appearance Package. This stylish upgrade includes a Carbon Black grille, two-tone BRONCO lettering, a Smoked Chrome oval badge, 17-inch Matte Black wheels, and unique hood graphics.

“Bronco Sport customers have been asking for the stylish black finishes available on the F-150, Maverick, and Mustang, and we’re delivering with the new Black Appearance Package,” said Ford Bronco Sport Marketing Manage Jason Hyde. “It also builds on the night sky gauge cluster graphics that Bronco Sport customers see that plays a startup screen featuring the Milky Way.”

This combo looks quite fetching with colors like Atlas Blue and Hot Pepper Red. And it works well with the two new options for 2024: Azure Gray and Desert Sand. Unfortunately, it’s not available with Shadow Black, so no blackout Bronco Sports.  

You don’t have to catch this thing on the flip side. The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is available to order now.