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New Lincoln Nautilus Gets Fresh Digital Scents

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Lincoln Digital Scent hero shot with all seven cartridges sitting next to the center console of a 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
The new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus now comes with seven digital scents
Photo: Ford

Luxury is an all-senses experience, and Lincoln is proving that with its new 2024 Nautilus. With its long-anticipated launch underway, the all-new Lincoln Nautilus offers four new digital scents, expanding its collection to seven.

When Lincoln announced the 2024 Nautilus last April, it was revealed that the SUV would get three Lincoln Digital Scents: Mystic Forest, Ozonic Azure, and Violete Cashmere. Each lends the SUV a unique aromatic profile — Violet Cashmere, for example, is said to smell of a mixture of violet and grapefruit.

The expansion of the collection sees the addition of Cloud Balsam, Serene Seashore, Sunlight Retreat, and Twilight Embers. And they all sound quite lovely. Serene Seashore boasts notes of melon, lily, and lemon, the combination of which presumably transports you to a beach at sunset. Twilight Embers — with its notes of apple, jasmine, leather, and patchouli — sounds like it could be a perfect complement to the Nautilus Black Label’s Redwood theme.

Lincoln Digital Scents inspired by aromatherapy

A human hand prepares to plug a Lincoln Digital Scent cartridge into the center console of a 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
Digital scent cartridges are loaded into the center console
Photo: Ford

The idea to add customizable scents to the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus was inspired by aromatherapy and intended to engage one of the most evocative senses. Lincoln’s team worked with suppliers who use International Fragrance Association-certified fragrances to curate these scents.

Lincoln Digital Scents leverages the new Lincoln Digital Experience to give the driver control over how the vehicle smells. Each cartridge is fitted with a microchip, allowing it to be controlled via the Nautilus’ touch screen. Drivers can select their scent of choice and choose the strength of dispersal. The cartridges are loaded into the center console, which can accommodate up to three scents at a time.

New cartridges can be purchased directly from Lincoln with the option to use Lincoln Access Rewards points. Currently, individual cartridges go for $30, and a three-pack of the originally announced scents goes for $75. Will this eventually lead to gag cartridges that make the Nautilus smell like a swamp or a haunted mansion? One can only hope.