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Polite Driving Practices in Honor of National Courtesy Month

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September is National Courtesy Month. In honor of this occasion, we’ve gathered just a few car-themed ways to express politeness while on the road.

Let another car merge in front of you

We get it, you’re in a hurry, driving to whatever event or meeting is next on your busy schedule. However, a simple gesture like letting a car merge into the lane in front of you during rush hour, might help make someone else’s commute a bit more pleasant.

Drive slowly through parking lots

Whether you’re navigating a parking lot at the workplace or when picking up your child from school, it’s important to watch out for pedestrians. Show your fellow humans that you care by driving slowly through parking lots. Especially when it’s raining outside (because let’s face it, you’re in a cozy, dry car interior and they’re fully-exposed to the elements).

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Parking in the Shade

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Give up the perfect parking space

Speaking of parking, why not let someone else nab that perfect parking space you spotted, instead of claiming it for yourself? It’s a great way to show kindness, and get a few more steps of exercise in since you’ll have to walk a bit farther to your destination.

Use your vehicle’s horn sparingly

While car horns were meant to be used to help prevent collisions, some drivers abuse this feature. Perhaps it’s to express road rage, by honking at the slow vehicle in front of them. Maybe it’s to alert their significant other that they’ve just pulled up to their apartment and it’s time to head out on a date. This month, try to refrain from using your car horn unless it’s an emergency. Pass another vehicle, if it’s going to slowly. And if you’re picking up your partner, get out and go to the door to show that you value and respect them enough to perform this small action.

Enjoy driving this month, and take a moment to express courtesy to your fellow drivers on the road. It’ll help keep everyone a bit happier (and safer). Watch this clip about one driver’s fight for courtesy when faced with roadside frustrations.

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