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$21,000,000 Camaro Hood Scoops Found on eBay

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We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the find by GM Authority this morning, so we all put on our glasses just to double check. But no joke, some strange individual is currently selling $21,000,000 Camaro hood scoops (with black rubber inserts) on eBay.

$21,000,000 Camaro Hood Scoops

Yup, you really are looking at $21,000,000 Camaro hood scoops.

Seem a little pricey to you? Don’t worry about it—the seller will cover the shipping. Phew, now it’s much more manageable.

Michael Scott gif - reaction to $21,000,000 Camaro Hood Scoops

But here’s the kicker: they’re used. Yes, the hood scoops for the ’93 – ‘97 Z/28 are used, but in good condition, mind you.

And, according to the seller, they come “WITH NUTS READY TO INSTALL!”


The seller is actually very excitable and promises us that there is a reason he’s priced the hood scoops so high: “THIER [sic, times two] IS A GOOD REASON FOR THIS BUT CANT SAY ON EBAY.”

Reassuring; we’ll totally trust him.

Jim Halpert - trust him over $21,000,000 Camaro Hood Scoops

The weird thing is, the guy, who has 100 percent positive feedback, is selling a bunch of other stuff—at reasonable prices.

He’s got these LT1 push rods (with some interesting background features) for just $25.

LT1 push rods - cheaper than $21,000,000 Camaro Hood Scoops

And these spinning center caps are going for the same rate.

Spinning Center Caps - cheaper than $21,000,000 Camaro Hood Scoops

The $21,000,000 Camaro hood scoops currently have 12 watchers, but we have a feeling they’re just hanging around for the show, and not to make any big purchases today…