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3 Of the Coolest Roadside Attractions in Ontario

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Canada Goose Statue in Wawa, Ontario
Photo: Kevstan via CC

When you hit the highway in Ontario, there’s more to see than glistening skylines and natural wonders — there are a whole lot of weird and wacky roadside attractions to enjoy, too. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

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Giant goose statue in Wawa, Ontario

Located in Wawa, this oversized rendition of everyone’s “favorite” foul-tempered fowl pays homage to the town’s namesake. Much like the convenience store of the same name, Wawa’s moniker comes from the Ojibwe Native American word for the Canada goose. However, this giant goose wasn’t the first in town — this one’s a replacement for the town’s original mascot, who now enjoys his retirement outside of Young’s General Store on Highway 101.

Mr. Applehead in Colborne, Ontario

This oddly spherical and suspiciously happy fiberglass fruit is known as Mr. Applehead. Located on Ontario Highway 401 near interchange 497, this roadside attraction is said to be the largest apple-shaped structure in the world. It’s also the site of a dine-in restaurant, miniature golf course, amusement park, souvenir shop, and even a pie factory, so Mr. Applehead can silently bear witness as his less-fortunate brethren are chopped and baked into delicious desserts.

Oh, and there’s an observation deck on top of Mr. Applehead. That’s fun too!

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“Willie Emerging” in Wiarton, Ontario

This not-at-all suggestively named statue was built in honor of Wiarton’s most famous groundhog. The real Wiarton Willie and his successors have been at the center of the town’s Groundhog Day festivities for decades. The rodent statue was revealed in 1996, and has been a beloved local landmark ever since. That said, he’s not Canada’s only famous fuzzy prognosticator. Although Wiarton Willie faces some stiff competition from Emonton’s Balzac Billy, only Willie has been commemorated with a roadside attraction.

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