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3 Tips for Winter Driving in the Mountains

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winter driving tips mountains
Photo: Pexels

It might still technically be autumn, but many parts of the U.S. are already experiencing winter weather. If you live in or plan to visit the mountains this season, it’s important to take extra care when driving in wet, icy, and slippery conditions.

This guide will help prepare you for winter driving in the mountains so you can be safe.

Have a tune-up

It’s important that your car is in tip-top condition for winter weather, especially when driving on treacherous mountain roads. Take your car to your mechanic ahead of your trip to check that your car is safe to drive. You should also be sure to check your windshield wipers, your car’s fluid levels, and your tire treads. Failure to do this can cause you significant problems on the road.

Drive slowly

Only a fool would try to drive through the mountains during the winter at a high speed, so be sure to always drive slowly. This helps you to pay more attention to what is ahead on the road, as well as giving you more time to react if something goes wrong. Never base your speed on other drivers, and only ever drive at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Prepare for the worst

The chance of an accident increases during inclement weather, especially on mountainous and windy roads. Therefore, it is important that you have an emergency plan in place. Pack a winter survival kit in the trunk, and include warm clothing, blankets, non-perishable food like granola bars, and water. You may also want to keep the number of a car accident attorney in Denver so you can easily get the help and assistance that you require if the worst does happen.

Despite how unlikely you think an accident is, it’s important that you have everything in place in case of any emergencies that may arise on an unpredictable mountainous road in the winter.

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