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3 Tips To Drive Safely With Adult ADHD

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Distracted Driving
Curbing distractions while you’re driving is important…especially if you have ADHD

If have adult ADHD you’re not alone. Per WebMD, an estimated 4-5 percent of adults have been officially diagnosed with it — and that’s not counting the many others who have this condition, but are not diagnosed or treated for it.

While it’s important for every driver to equip themselves with safe driving strategies, it’s even more vital for those living with symptoms of ADHD. As Nadine Lambert, Ph.D. of the University of California at Berkeley shared with ADDitude Magazine, “People with ADHD have serious difficulties planning ahead, following through, and staying on task — things you need to do to drive safely.”

So, if you do have adult ADHD, what’s a driver to do? No worries. We’ve rounded up some practical tips to help improve your focus and protect yourself and others on the road.

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Curb distractions

There are quite a few differences between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Find the right playlist or radio station before you start driving
Photo: © General Motors

For starters, minimize distractions inside of the vehicle. Though drivers differ on what things they find the most distracting behind the wheel, there are a few practices that everyone should find helpful.

Adjust the mirror, seat, and temperature settings before you hit the road. While you’re at it, find the right playlist to suit your mood so you don’t have to fiddle with dials and screen prompts when the car is in motion.

Refrain from drinking beverages and eating snacks while driving. Mute your smartphone and keep it in the glovebox or front console out of sight.

You might even consider keeping conversation to a minimum if that’s one of your distraction triggers, as Verywell Mind’s Keath Low suggests. Or have passengers sit in the backseat to keep the cockpit area a bit quieter.

Opt for a manual transmission

manual transmission gear stick
Manual transmission can help you feel more involved with the driving process
Photo: Foundry Co via Pixabay

When choosing your vehicle, consider going with a manual rather than an automatic transmission. According to Low, the gear shifts involved with a manual can help you feel more engaged with the driving process. This, in turn, will boost your focus when driving.

Remember to buckle up

Car Seat-belt lock unlock safety secure seat belt strap
Use a reminder to help you remember to buckle your seatbelt
Photo: The News Wheel

With adult ADHD, it’s easy to forget simple things — both on and off the road. Don’t forget to buckle up, though! Put a reminder on your dash, if your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in seatbelt reminder.

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