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3 Ways To Save Money On Your Car

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There is no doubt owning a car is an expensive activity. From filling up the tank and maintenance checks to repair costs, your car can be a drain on your savings. But, there are ways to save money as a car owner. Here a few suggestions to help protect your automotive budget.

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Slow down

Even though you’ll get to your destination faster, going slower is the better method to saving money behind the wheel.

“If you do a lot of highway driving, getting to your destination a few minutes early could cost you an extra $510 a year,” according to Family Handyman writer Andrew Zoellner.

Clear the air

Summer is almost here, which means you’ll be relying on your AC to get you through your drives. If your car’s cabin air filter is dirty or clogged, you are sabotaging the effectiveness of your AC system. Check the condition of your cabin’s air filter; if it’s clogged, change it.

Align your tires

Your tires are so important to your safety on the road. They should always be properly inflated per manufacturer’s recommendations, and you should check them regularly for damage, tears, bulges, uneven wear, and quality tread. It’s also imperative to your safety and your budget to keep your tires aligned.

“Keep your car aligned and save about $140 per year. If your tires are bowed out of alignment by just .017 inches, it’s the equivalent of dragging your tire sideways for 102 miles for every 20,000 you drive. That’ll cost you $150 a year in wasted gas,” according to Zoellner.

Tires that are not aligned properly tend to wear out quicker, too. The rapid deterioration of the tread can cost you to lose more money, approximately $70 a year, he adds.

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Driving slower, changing your cabin air filter, and practicing tire maintenance are simple ways to help you save money on your car.