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3 Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning in Your Car

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Every car runs into maintenance problems sooner or later. But, as the universe doesn’t seem to care what time of year it is, you may find yourself without air conditioning in your car during the summer months. Whether your car’s A/C has been broken for ages or it just went out this past week, there are a few ways you can keep cool during the summer even without air conditioning in your car.

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3 ways to stay cool without air conditioning in your car

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Roll the windows down

This may seem like the most obvious piece of advice, but rolling your windows down while you drive isn’t the only way to cool down the cabin. When you park your car, if you feel comfortable doing so, roll down your windows before you get out. This will help prevent your car from trapping unnecessary heat inside, making it easier to cool the cabin down when you get back in. When you’re in the car and moving, try to drive with the fans off and the windows down. There’s no use in trying to use the A/C if it’s only blowing hot air into your car.

Cover the seats

If you have leather seats, sitting down in shorts during the summer can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Keep a towel, blanket, or another piece of fabric in the car with you to cover the seats. This way, you won’t burn your legs when you sit down and you can avoid the gross, sweaty mess that comes from sitting on hot leather seats.

Bring a water bottle

The temperature inside a hot car can skyrocket within a matter of minutes. Just because it’s only 85 degrees outside doesn’t mean it’s 85 degrees inside your car. If you climb into a hot car after work and you don’t have air conditioning, you may be spending your 30-minute commute home in a 120-degree car. Bring a (preferably cold) water bottle with you to stay hydrated and keep yourself from overheating.

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