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GM Announces New Engine for Older Models

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The new GM Service 350 V8 replacement engine
The GM Service 350 V8 replacement engine
Photo: GM

Are you currently driving or rebuilding a GM truck, van or SUV, model year 1987-1995? Or, is your GM ride a light-duty truck, circa 1996-2002? Perhaps you’re behind the wheel of a 1996-2002 GM heavy-duty truck? If so, your ride or DIY project is the perfect fit for General Motors’ new replacement engine, the GM Service 350 V8.

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The new GM Service 350 V8 crate engine, which comes 50 years after the original small-block 350 debuted from the automaker, has three variants. Gen 1 applies to 1987-1995 GM models. Light-duty GM trucks (1996-2002) get the Gen 1e LD variant, while the HD models need the Gen 1e HD version.

The GM Service 350 V8 is a 5.7-liter 350 cubic-inch V8 and features no remanufactured or reversed engineered parts. It is equipped with new block castings and cylinder head. The forged steel crankshafts deliver race-proven durability. The engine is equipped with a new timing cover, oil pan and valve covers, and dipstick provisions on both sides. Since the new service engine is classified as a GM Genuine Parts engine, it comes with a three-year/100,000-mile limited warranty.

“Every GM Genuine Parts engine incorporates our very latest engineering technology and product enhancements to offer a reliable and dependable product for our customers,” said Andrew McKittrick, manager of GM’s propulsion portfolio.

The current iteration of GM’s block engine builds upon a durable and reliable legacy that dates back to the 1967 L-48 option that powered the Chevy Camaro, moving onto the 1968 Chevrolet Nova, and then widespread availability in the 1969 Chevy lineup, according to The Drive writer Mate Petrany.  

“Before long, it was offered in all types of GM vehicles including cars and pickups. It even made its way into Canada in the noses of local market Beaumonts (based on the Chevelle), as well as several Cadillac, Buick, and Oldsmobile products,” adds Petrany.

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Although GM has not yet released official pricing for the new 2020-version of the 350 block engine, you can find more details on it from your certified GM dealership or online at