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36 Lost Corvettes to be Given Away in Sweepstakes

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Vintage Corvette
Photo: pyntofmyld

Back in the halcyon days of 1989, a then-fledgling channel known as VH1 wanted to make itself known to the public with a bombastic promotion. What was their solution? A prize of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes, one from each production year from 1953 to 1989, were to be awarded to a single winner.

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An over-the-top prize

With a prize like that on the line, it’s no surprise that VH1 attracted a stunning two million participants. The winner, a carpenter from New York, didn’t even have a garage — let alone space for three-dozen classic cars. He sold the ‘Vettes to famed painter Peter Max, who hoped to re-paint and market the cars. While Corvettes plastered in pop-art would’ve been cool, those plans never came to fruition, and the poor vehicles were shuffled around to a series of parking garages, where they slowly degraded.

Luckily, a group known as The Corvette Heroes came to the rescue five years ago. This talented team of passionate gearheads restored all 36 Corvettes to pristine condition, and they’re looking to give these cars each a good home.

Corvettes for a cause

In a twist of irony, the lost Corvettes will once again be given away in a raffle — but the Corvette Heroes aren’t just picking one lucky winner. Since they’ve decided to split up the collection, they’ll be picking 36 winners. Best of all, the money raised by these ‘Vettes will benefit vets via the National Guard Educational Foundation.

A single ticket costs $3, but if you buy in bulk, you’ll get a discount. You can get 5 tickets for $10, 40 tickets for $50, and even 7,200 tickets for $5,000. You can even double your tickets on donations over $25 by using the promo code VETTE.

Best of all, your raffle ticket donation is fully tax deductible.

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