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4 Anticipated Audiobooks of June 2019

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June is another big month in publishing, which means there are several new audiobooks to choose from for your summer travels. From celebrity memoirs to saucy romances, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your tastes. Take a look at our picks on Audible, and peruse sites like GoodReads or your library to find your next great listen.

The Hidden Power of F*cking Up by The Try Guys

If you’re one of the many people hooked on the Try Guys’ videos (we’re totally guilty), head to your audiobook retailer on June 18 for The Hidden Power of F*cking Up. Keith, Ned, Eugene, and Zach narrate this audiobook that comes in at about nine hours long. It’s the story of how each of them found the self-confidence and the skill to take on their current roles, first at Buzzfeed and then as independent artists. If it’s anything like their videos, it’s sure to be a wild ride that’s both hilarious and full of feels.

While the title is censored in this article (and on the book’s cover), we sincerely doubt that the audiobook is full of bleeped-out words, so maybe don’t listen to this one in a car full of kids.

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City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert, known for the Signature of All Things and her autobiographical Eat, Pray, Love is back with a new book called City of Girls, out June 4. This book is far from the current day, covering New York’s theater scene in the 1940s. Main character Vivian Morris leaves college at 19 and is sent to live with her aunt in Manhattan. That ends up being a terrible idea, as Vivian falls in with the wrong crowd at her aunt’s theater and ruins her life. The book is narrated by an 89-year-old Vivian, giving readers the benefit of her hindsight instead of just rash emotions of the present. This audiobook runs at about 15 hours long, so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim

Roselle Lim’s debut novel, Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune, is not a book you should read hungry. The titular character heads home to San Francisco after the death of Natalie’s estranged mother. It turns out that she has inherited a restaurant that used to belong to her grandmother. The story follows Natalie through delicious recipes, romance, and a new understanding of the family that raised her. Running exactly 10.5 hours, this book promises to be both a fun ride and an insightful look into family dynamics.

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Naturally Tan by Tan France

If you’re a fan of the revived Queer Eye series on Netflix, give Tan France’s new memoir Naturally Tan a listen on June 4. Narrated by the author himself, the audiobook follows France through his childhood as a closeted Muslim of color in England to where he is today, the style expert of a culturally prominent show. Coming in at a bit over seven hours long, it’s a relatively quick listen to learn more about another perspective of the world.

This is nowhere near all the great audiobooks coming out in June. For more great ideas, check out Audible, GoodReads, or ask your local librarian.