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4 Audiobooks About Cars to Listen to During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Distract yourself from the pandemic with one of these car-themed audiobooks

Need some fresh titles to add to your audiobook list? Whether you’re craving a virtual road trip or simply want to learn more about auto maintenance, here are some car-themed audiobooks you can purchase via Amazon.

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Car Wars: The Rise, the Fall, and the Resurgence of the Electric Car

Author: John Fialka
Narrator: Jonathan Yen

John Fialka’s “Car Wars” captures how consumers’ relationship with electric vehicles has changed over the years, in the U.S. and abroad. This audiobook provides a glimpse of EVs from the segment’s early years, around the time of the MIT/Caltech EV prototypes in 1968, to present-day developments as mainstream automakers compete to dominate the electric car segment.

Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide

Author: Patrice Banks
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert

Female empowerment meets car care with Patrice Banks’ “do-it-herself” resource entitled “Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide.” Banks shares her expertise as an auto mechanic to increase women’s understanding of vehicle anatomy. She also explains how to perform basic maintenance tasks. The audiobook has an easy-to-follow format that makes it simple to absorb the basic principles of servicing a car.

Don’t Make Me Pull Over!

Author: Richard Ratay
Narrator: Jonathan Todd Ross

Richard Ratay provides a retrospective look at the golden age of the family road trip in America during the second half of the 20th century. “Don’t Make Me Pull Over!” is a whimsical hybrid between personal memoir and pop history. It’s a nostalgic escape into how families built memories while exploring the country together before modern tech like smartphones, DVD players, and Google Maps came on the scene.


Author: Jessica Bruder
Narrator: Karen White

Jessica Bruder’s “Nomadland” provides a journalistic perspective on one of 21st century America’s fringe trends: people who live out of their vehicles as they travel the country. The protagonists and those they meet survive off of the low pay of temporary jobs as they pursue a portable existence. It’s an honest, poignant tribute to the ordinary individuals who call the open road home.

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