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4 Biggest Car Towing Mistakes to Avoid

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There are many reasons why you could find yourself needing to tow a car. Perhaps you are on a family vacation and one of your cars broke down. Or maybe you have a camper or boat trailer that you need to tow. In either case, it’s a good idea to have a full understanding of how the towing process works before you attempt it. Here are four of the biggest towing mistakes that you should know about and avoid at all costs.


Vehicle Ratings

When you are towing something you need to understand tow ratings. Every car has a tow rating, which will tell you how much it can carry or haul. If you try to push your luck with the weight, you are going to damage both the item that is being towed and the vehicle that is doing the towing. You should know things such as gross vehicle weight rating, gross combination weight rating, and gross axle weight rating if you are even thinking about towing something.

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Know the Regulations

Every area has its own regulations when it comes to towing. The best thing that you can do is ensure that you are updated on the latest regulations with respect to towing vehicles. There may be some roads or areas where you cannot take a car if it is being towed. Or you may have height limits to what you can tow on the main roads.


Avoiding the Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is attempting to do this process on their own. If you have a car that broke down, towing it with another car is a bad idea. Not only are you going to damage both vehicles but you could end up in a dangerous accident. There are plenty of professional towing companies in Melbourne,, and each of them would be happy to assist you with this matter.

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Remember What’s Behind You

It is such a common mistake: people forgetting they are towing something at the back. If you are driving a truck and towing a car or trailer, make sure that you account for this added weight when stepping on the gas or brakes. And ensure that whatever you are towing has the appropriate lights and plates so that you don’t cause any safety hazards.

Towing a vehicle is always a risk, especially if you have never done it before. We would encourage everyone to call a professional if they need something towed. But if you are going to attempt this on your own, make sure that you take the safety aspect of towing a vehicle or anything else very seriously. The last thing you will want is to get into a bad accident or to damage the item that you are trying to tow!

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