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4 Canadian Ghost Towns to Explore This Fall

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Leaves are dive-bombing to the ground, the winds are picking up, and the temperature is plummeting. This means fall is in full swing and it’s time to embrace the chill and test your nerves. Halloween may not be until the end of October, but you don’t have to wait for the official night to enjoy some spookiness, especially if you plan a road trip through these Canadian ghost towns.

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Clayburn, British Columbia

A brick company built the village of Clayburn, British Columbia, establishing it as the first “company town” in the province. You can meander the streets to check out original homes, a church, schoolhouse, and store, which have stood since the village’s inception in 1905. According to the village’s website, the brick plant ceased operations in 1931 due to a decrease in demand, but the original homes still remain.

Orion, Alberta

In Alberta, you’ll be shaken by the remains of Orion. The town, which was originally home to 400 residents, is now just a remnant of the past. There are abandoned homes and stores ideal for a spooky road trip.

According to writer Colin Leggett, the thriving town of Orion was devastated by a decade of dust storms and drought. Today, Orion has just seven residents.

Nemiskam, Alberta

Another ghost town in Alberta worth visiting is Nemiskam; a far-flung destination that is worlds away from civilization. According to Canadian website, Nemiskam was originally developed as a railroad stop along Alberta’s Red Coat Trail (also known as Highway 61).

Back in the 1960ss, Nemiskam’s population was in the 50s; just five years later it was down to 17 residents. This was largely due to the hamlet’s close proximity to Foremost; Nemiskam children were transported to the larger town for school, and families eventually moved a few miles west to be closer to school. Today, Nemiskam has just two residents.

Robsart, Saskatchewan

Robsart, Saskatchewan is technically not an official ghost town as a few residents still call it home. According to the 2016 Canada census, the town’s population was at 20.

“It’s easy to find (located off Highway 13 and clearly marked) and it delivers,” writes April Nechvatel on “The main street has interesting buildings and has a handful of abandoned houses. It’s prairie picturesque and is way less creepy than Bounty, SK.”

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Since Robsart is very remote, getting stranded will turn your road trip into a nightmare. Leggett stresses the importance of always traveling with a full tank of gas (good advice no matter where your fall road trip takes you).