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4 Car-Inspired Treats to Impress at Your Next Holiday Party

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With holiday parties coming up, a lot of us like to experiment with recipes to wow friends and family. We want something to make our food stand out and be memorable. If you’re a car enthusiast like the team at The News Wheel, you may want to consider these car-inspired treats for your next holiday party.

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4 Car-Inspired Foods to Impress at Your Next Holiday Party

Hot Dog Racecars

These are a quick and easy way to make the main course a bit more memorable. Start with a traditional hot dog in a bun, then use a toothpick to add tomatoes, pickles, and other toppings as “wheels.” These are adorable, and definitely Pinterest-worthy.


Teddy Graham Racecars

Photo: Pinterest

Teddy Graham Racers

For a those with a sweet tooth, these Teddy Graham Racers are quick, easy, and the perfect post-dinner treat. Grab your favorite chocolate candy bar to start; you can use Snickers, Milky Ways, Kit Kats, or another one of your favorites. Then, using some melted chocolate, attach M&Ms to the side and top of the candy bar as wheels and a steering wheel. Finally, break the legs off of the Teddy Graham (sorry, Teddy) and attach him to the top of the candy bar as a passenger.


Peep Racecars

Similar to the hot dogs, these racecars are a bit larger than the small Teddy Graham treats. For these sweet treats, you’ll want to cut a section out of the center of a Twinkie, functioning as a seat, and place one rabbit Peep inside. You can also put a chocolate-covered pretzel in as a steering wheel, attaching it with a small amount of vanilla icing. For the wheels, take vanilla Oreos and attach them with icing as well.


Healthy Fruit Cars

If you’re making these treats to entertain the younger ones, you might want something a little healthier. Luckily, you can make racecars for your holiday party with fruit! Cut an apple into slices and use each slice as a body for the car. Then, use a toothpick to attach grapes as wheels. You can even purchase small racing flags and insert them in the top of the apple, if you’d like.


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Source: Pinterest