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4 Car-Inspired Treats to Impress at Your Next Holiday Party

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With holiday parties coming up, a lot of us like to experiment with recipes to wow friends and family. We want something to make our food stand out and be memorable. If you’re a car enthusiast like the team at The News Wheel, you may want to consider these car-inspired treats for your next holiday party.

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4 Car-Inspired Foods to Impress at Your Next Holiday Party

[wptab name=”Hot Dog Racecars”]

Hot Dog Racecars

These are a quick and easy way to make the main course a bit more memorable. Start with a traditional hot dog in a bun, then use a toothpick to add tomatoes, pickles, and other toppings as “wheels.” These are adorable, and definitely Pinterest-worthy.


[wptab name=”Teddy Graham Racers”]

Teddy Graham Racecars

Photo: Pinterest

Teddy Graham Racers

For a those with a sweet tooth, these Teddy Graham Racers are quick, easy, and the perfect post-dinner treat. Grab your favorite chocolate candy bar to start; you can use Snickers, Milky Ways, Kit Kats, or another one of your favorites. Then, using some melted chocolate, attach M&Ms to the side and top of the candy bar as wheels and a steering wheel. Finally, break the legs off of the Teddy Graham (sorry, Teddy) and attach him to the top of the candy bar as a passenger.


[wptab name=”Peep Racecars”]

Peep Racecars

Similar to the hot dogs, these racecars are a bit larger than the small Teddy Graham treats. For these sweet treats, you’ll want to cut a section out of the center of a Twinkie, functioning as a seat, and place one rabbit Peep inside. You can also put a chocolate-covered pretzel in as a steering wheel, attaching it with a small amount of vanilla icing. For the wheels, take vanilla Oreos and attach them with icing as well.


[wptab name=”Healthy Fruit Cars”]

Healthy Fruit Cars

If you’re making these treats to entertain the younger ones, you might want something a little healthier. Luckily, you can make racecars for your holiday party with fruit! Cut an apple into slices and use each slice as a body for the car. Then, use a toothpick to attach grapes as wheels. You can even purchase small racing flags and insert them in the top of the apple, if you’d like.



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Source: Pinterest