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4 Clever Uses for Your Car’s Extra Cup Holders

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Nowadays, it seems like every car comes with more cup holders than you could ever use. SUVs often come with two cup holders per seat, including the ones in the doors. So unless you’re packing the car full of people every time you drive, you probably have some extras that sit empty. Here are five easy ways to make use of that space.

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4 Clever Uses for Your Car’s Extra Cup Holders

DIY Car Cup Holder Air Freshener

Air Freshener

We have an entire article dedicated to DIY car air fresheners, and one of them sits comfortably in an empty cup holder. Simply fill a Mason jar with baking soda and your favorite essential oils, place some cardboard or paper over the top with a few holes in it, and place the metal rim back on the jar. All you have to do is keep it in one of your cup holders — anywhere throughout the cabin — and add a few more drops of essential oil when the scent begins to fade.


Coin Jar

Photo: mnplatypus

Coin Jar

How many times have you driven into the city, parked at a meter, and realized you didn’t have any quarters? Keep an empty jar or cup (empty gum containers work too) full of quarters in one of your cup holders. Every time you get a few quarters, just drop them in the jar and you’ll always have change for the meter.


Portable Charger

Unless you’re one of the cool kids with wireless charging in your brand new car, you might have to use a cord like the rest of us. Instead of worrying about all of the cords stretching everywhere, you can pick up a portable charger that fits right into your cup holder. There are a ton of them to choose from, and they usually offer both regular plugs (so passengers can even charge their laptops!) and a few USB ports.


DIY Car Cup Holder Tissue Box

Tissue Box

Keeping napkins in your glove compartment is great if you spill a drink on the seats, but not the most comfortable if you’re fighting off a cold. You can make this DIY cup holder tissue box from Landeelu with just a few items (she uses a Mason jar, but you can use an empty reusable coffee cup if you’d like). You’ll make this tissue box the same way as the air freshener — tracing construction paper and putting it in place of the metal lid — except you’ll cut an X shape in the top instead of poking holes with a pencil. Put your tissues in the jar, pull the first tissue through the X, and put the ring back on. Set it in your cup holder and you’re good to go.


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