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4 Coolest Chevy Truck Photos from Luke Bryan’s Instagram

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A lover of country music and pickup trucks, Luke Bryan is no stranger to Chevrolet. Luke has mentioned the American truck brand in many of his songs, and he was named Chevy’s brand ambassador in 2016. Luke shows off his love for Chevy trucks on Instagram, including photos from his tour and of his adorable pup riding in the bed.

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4 Coolest Chevy Truck Photos from Luke Bryan’s Instagram

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As Chevrolet’s brand ambassador, it’s no surprise that Luke Bryan advocated for fans to check out Chevrolet’s 100-year celebration at his show in Boone, Iowa. This photo was taken as part of the Luke Bryan Farm Tour in September 2017. Chevrolet sponsored his tour, which not only provided entertainment for fans, but benefitted great causes like scholarships for local college students.


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Luke Bryan’s partnership with Chevrolet means a little bit of promotion for the brand, including showing off the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. The Silverado was redesigned for 2019, giving it new body styling. This post was a promotion for its reveal at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.


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Instagram-worthy, this photo of Luke’s brother-in-law also shows off a classic Chevrolet truck. This is the kind of truck you picture cruising through romantic country music videos. The number of older Chevy trucks on the road today is a testament to their durability and reliability throughout the years.


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We couldn’t leave this one out of the mix. Luke Bryan’s little chocolate lab pup, Choc, made himself at home in the bed of Luke’s Chevy. Sweet and simple, Luke’s caption for this photo read, “Dogs love trucks.” While we don’t advise actually driving with your pup in the bed of your truck, it’s the perfect place for everyone to hang out and tailgate during the warmer weather.



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