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4 Essential Back-To-School Car Accessories

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We know the students of America hate to hear it, but school will be back in session soon. Make sure your car (or the car of your young driver) is prepared for success with some essential supplies.

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Car Trash Can

If your students aren’t really morning people, chances are you’ll be eating breakfast on the go. A great way to keep your vehicle clean is to equip your car with a compact trash can. Many of them have lids to keep the contents inside and straps to hold them steady no matter how you maneuver. Some trash cans also provide side pockets for hand sanitizer or hand wipes for cleanup after messier meals.

Plugs For Devices

These days, we all have devices that need to be charged, from the phones you might let your kids have to the tablets your school might assign out. Consider investing in a power inverter for your vehicle to make topping up all those batteries much easier. It plugs into your car’s power outlet and offers USB or AC outlet options so you don’t even need a different charger from the one you use in the house.

Travel Tray

This tool is less useful if you’re shopping for a young driver but indispensable if you’re in charge of the carpool for young ones. A travel tray, with a writing or coloring surface and pockets for supplies, is a great idea for keeping kids busy in traffic or on long drives with multiple drop-offs. Your passengers can get an early start on their homework, or if they forget an assignment they can rush through it on the way to class (but it’s not recommended).

First Aid Kit

When you’re behind the wheel with a car full of kids, it’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit close at hand for any booboos or tumbles on the way to the car. This should be one of the first things you give a teen driver when they get their license. Even if you have one of these for small mishaps, never hold back from calling 911 in a true emergency.  

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Going back to school might be something your students dread, but with the proper preparation, you can ensure that the commute at least goes smoothly.