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Road Trip Pit Stops: 4 Haunted Destinations in Ohio

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Fall is the perfect time to roadtrip through Ohio. With Halloween just around the corner, you might want to start your festivities early by driving to one or more of these haunted places. 

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Loveland Castle

Head to Shore Drive in Loveland to explore this European castle replica that WWI vet Harry Andrews built in 1929. Per Thrillist, Andrews worked on and lived in the castle for more than five decades. Today, castle volunteers have claimed that they’ve heard footsteps, slamming doors, and knocks. Some believe these signs to manifestations of Andrews’ ghost, since the man himself died due to complications from a fire he’d started on the castle’s roof. Though, Thrillist claims that Andrews himself reported similar signs, so the castle’s eery legacy might have a longer history.   

Buxton Inn

The southeastern part of the state boasts another spooky site: Granville’s Buxton Inn. One of Ohio’s oldest continually-operating inns, Buxton Inn has a haunted reputation that attracts paranormal enthusiasts. According to The Ghosts of Ohio, a few specters haunt the premises: the original inn owner, Oring Granger; another former owner, Major Buxton; Ms. Bounell (or the “Lady in Blue”); and a gray cat. 

Moonville Tunnel

Located within what’s now Zaleski State Park, Moonville Tunnel is a remnant of the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad which was established in the mid-1800s. Visitors today have reported seeing a swinging light in the tunnel. Some believe these apparitions are ghosts of the railroad brakemen responsible for safely stopping the trains — and who sometimes failed to do so in time to avoid a collision. 

Victoria Theatre

At first glance, Dayton’s Victoria Theatre might appear to be a quaint example of Italianate architecture dating from 1866. Though today, this site is a popular place for locals to catch a show, it is also the home of a Victorian spook. Per, this phantom is an early 1900s actress who was last seen in her dressing room before she disappeared without a trace.  

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