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Road Trip Pit Stops: 5 Haunted Destinations in Washington

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Photo: Pixabay

The Evergreen State is known for its breathtaking landscapes, rugged coastlines, and sprawling forests. However, it also has quite a few haunted destinations worth exploring on your next Washington road trip. Here are just five to consider adding to your itinerary.

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Black Diamond Cemetery

Black Diamond makes a great pit stop if you’re traveling from Snoqualmie Falls or Mt. Rainier to Seattle. Back in the town’s heyday, it was a key spot for coal mining, and many of the workers who died in the mines are buried in Black Diamond Cemetery. Some visitors have reported seeing a white phantom horse and swinging lanterns, while others claim they’ve heard whistling from the miners’ ghosts.  

Orient Express 

Seattle’s Orient Express restaurant is a great place to chow down on some yummy Thai and Chinese food inside the interior of connected railroad cars. An extra bonus of visiting this establishment is that you might catch a glimpse of the restaurant’s ghost. Beware of the specter’s sensitive nature, however; per the restaurant owner, it made a lightbulb explode near her head because it sensed that she didn’t believe in the paranormal. 

Monroe Street Bridge

This iconic deck-arch bridge spanning the Spokane River is a favorite photo backdrop for locals and tourists. It’s also a great place to spot specters. One of the most commonly-seen apparitions is that of a confused man in old-fashioned attire, who is supposedly a construction worker that helped build the bridge. Visitors have claimed that the ghost has jumped off of the bridge before disappearing.  

Pike Place Market

Though Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s top attractions for sightseers, it’s more than just an expansive venue for selling fresh produce and artistic wares. This destination is home to five apparitions that guests have witnessed. One of them, known as Princess Angeline, frequents the lower level of the market, wearing a red scarf and carrying a basket.  

Campbell House

Another spooky site in Spokane is the Campbell House. Legend has it that a burglar broke into the house one night, killing the Campbell family’s three children and abducting the fourth one. The parents’ phantoms have roamed the building ever since. A hallway portrait purportedly contains Mrs. Campbell’s spirit, since some witnesses have claimed that the portrait’s eyes followed them when they walked by. 

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