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4 Tips for Driving a Convertible

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If you’re considering purchasing a convertible or recently brought one home, you might not be aware of a few basic guidelines to follow on each drive. Here are four helpful tips to keep in mind for a more comfortable joy-ride. 

Protect yourself from the sun. 

Make sure to wear well-fitting sunglasses and pack a few extra ones for passengers before embarking on a ride. Additionally, be sure to apply sunscreen if you’re driving with the convertible top down when it’s sunny outside. It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle of sunscreen in the car, in case anyone needs to reapply it during the journey. 

Use a hat and/or hair accessories 

A snug-fitting hat will help shade your face and keep the hair out of your eyes so you can focus on the road ahead — and on the scenic landscapes and unusual sights you’ll pass along the way. If you have long hair, wear a head-scarf and/or hair clips during the drive to keep it from getting too messy. And store a hairbrush in the glove compartment, so you can tame your wind-swept locks when you reach your destination. 

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Invest in a wind diffuser

As great as it is to feel the wind through your hair, sometimes that wind can be a little too strong when you’re fully-exposed to it in a convertible. Consider purchasing a netting screen called a wind diffuser. This item fits behind the front seats and helps block neck-level draughts for a more pleasant ride. 

Secure loose items beforehand

Scan the interior of the convertible for any objects that might become airborn once the vehicle starts moving. Secure loose paperwork, road-trip snacks, and any electronics inside the car’s console and/or backseat storage pockets. This will help keep you focused on the road ahead, instead of wildly grabbing for items before they fly out of the car. 

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