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4 Unconventional Uses for Rain-X

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Driving in the rain can be dangerous business. While we can’t actively change road conditions, we can at least control how our own vehicles perform in such conditions. One popular product for battling the elements behind the wheel is Rain-X, a water repellant solution that can be applied to glass to maintain visibility through your windshield. According to Rain-X, it can also be used to easily remove frost, ice, salt, mud, and bugs—how lovely.

But we like to get a little crafty at The News Wheel—enough to learn that there are quite a few additional uses for Rain-X outside of the realm of automotive.

You can order Rain-X and competing products on or in your local automotive stores.

shower door rain-x

Make use of Rain-X for your glass shower doors
Photo: Glassandmirrorpros

A Not-So-Modest Shower

If you have the luxury of glass shower doors, you know how easily they become water-spotted and not so clean-looking. To maintain the beautiful aesthetic that a glass shower door should have, apply Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellant to the doors. Just be ready to cover yourself if someone else enters the room while you’re showering—because with glass this clean, you’ll bear it all.


Camera Rain-X

Apply Rain-X to your camera lens for better photos
Photo: Julian Schüngel

Photograph Like a Pro

Chances are good that you rely on your smartphone for most picture-taking moments, but if you ever venture into the realm of actual photography with a real camera (that’s so 2004, right?), consider using Rain-X on the lens. Doing so will prevent fogging as well as water beading.

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goggles rain-x

Use Rain-X for underwater goggles to enhance your experience

See the Fishies

Underwater adventures are always awesome, whether in a public pool, a grimy lake (The News Wheel is close to Lake Erie, so we know all about those), or the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Seeing the underwater world, however, is not so easy—even with goggles. Goggles have a tendency to fog up underwater, but you can actually use Rain-X Interior Glass Anti-Fog to maintain visibility.

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snowmobile rain-x

Apply Rain-X to a plastic windshield to maintain visibility while snowmobiling

A Wild Ride

The traditional Rain-X product works wonders for your windshield, but plastic windshields for adventurous vehicles, like snowmobiles and motorcycles, can actually benefit from Rain-X too. Instead, try out Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent to keep your view clear.

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