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4 Weird Roadside Attractions in Michigan

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welcome to michigan sign

Photo: Ken Lund

If you find yourself driving through the Wolverine State and wondering what there is to see and do, fret not. There are plenty of weird and wacky roadside destinations across the state to enjoy. Here are four of the most unique spots to stop.

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midwest miniatures museum

Midwest Miniatures Museum

For all things tiny, head to Hickory Corners, where you’ll find the Midwest Miniatures Museum. The building houses dozens of displays of miniatures that have been crafted by skilled artisans. At the museum, you can browse a collection of fascinating tiny buildings, houses, and landscapes erected in precisely scaled dimensions. If you wish to make your own miniature, you can stop at the museum during one of its DIY classes, which provides a basic understanding of how to craft your own miniature display.


American Museum of Magic

If magic is your fancy, you’ll want to stop in Marshall to visit the American Museum of Magic. Its mission statement is “to inspire and delight the public with the wonder of magic by documenting and celebrating the contributions and lives of magicians.” Browse historical photos and props from magicians like Houdini, Thurston, and Michigan man Blackstone as you walk the halls of the museum. Dubbed the largest collection of magic artifacts in the nation, this roadside stop is sure to entertain your crew for hours on end.


Dinosaur Gardens

All you Jurassic Park fans will get to live out your fantasy of standing next to a dinosaur when you stop off U.S. 23 South near Ossineke. Dinosaur Gardens is an outdoor environment filled with massive statues of creatures from a prehistoric time. Most of the dino replicas were created in the mid-1930s and have stood the test of time, with a Brontosaurus here and a Velociraptor over there. You can take a guided tour of the area or simply browse the collection of statues for your next photo-op. But be sure to grab a scoop of Ice Age Frozen Yogurt and get in a round of Raptor Mini-Golf before you leave!


bronners christmas wonderland

Photo: Ken Lund

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Christmas year-round? Yes, please! For those of you who wish it was The Most Wonderful Time of the Year every day, simply head to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth. There, you’ll have the chance to peruse aisles upon aisles of Christmas-themed items in a building that’s as large as one and a half football fields. Yuletide will be in no short supply at “the world’s largest Christmas store” with a gigantic selection of ornaments, decorations, and gifts available.


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