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5 Breakthrough Safety Features for Your Car

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hyundai safety features blind spot warning
Photo: Hyundai

New devices and safety features are appearing in cars every year. Vehicle manufacturers are in competition with each other to develop the next best thing in car technology. Here are five breakthrough safety features to look for in your next ride.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control slows down and speeds up automatically to keep up with the pace of the car in front of you. It can also be called autonomous cruise control, intelligent cruise control, or radar cruise control.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning is an alert system for the car. It provides warnings when you begin to drift out of your lane, like a visual alert, an audio tone, or a vibration in the steering wheel or the seat.

Safety Exit Assist

Safety Exit Assist provides security while opening the back doors. When a vehicle or a bicycle is approaching from behind, Safety Exit Assist will alert you. Plus, the feature extends the blind spot monitor and has the potential to be one of the best features for the parents of young kids.

Facial Recognition Software

Facial Recognition Software alerts the driver when it sees you are not paying attention. This warning usually comes in the form of a buzzer, but some systems will vibrate the seat. 

Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection alerts you if any vehicles are approaching from behind and are in your blind spot. The alert usually presents as an orange or yellow light in your side mirror.

Technology in cars has come a long way and is continuing to improve each year. If you’re in the market for car safety accessories, keep an eye out for deals.

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