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5 Coolest Hot Wheels Tracks Ever Built

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coolest hot wheels tracks ever built

Hot Wheels are the best

Hot Wheels cars and their tracks were some of the coolest toys we had while growing up—but for many of us, growing up didn’t mean growing out of Hot Wheels. For those of you who still have a passion for collecting the cars or designing incredible tracks, I recommend you check out the videos below, which capture some of the coolest Hot Wheels tracks ever built.

“Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks”

The track in the video above was reportedly designed to raise money for (now The track measured in at 2,000 feet.

“Ultimate Track”

Okay, so this is promoted material from Hot Wheels back in 2013, but just how awesome would that challenge be to complete? I’m itching to try it myself.

“World’s Largest”

Whoever uploaded this video is technically a little incorrect—the track isn’t actually a Hot Wheels track, but it’s still cool enough to include. The track is actually electrified and in an art museum.

“Longest Custom”

The music choice in this video is questionable, but hats off to the people who designed this track last year. According to the video, it takes on four flights of stairs and even chances a 30-foot drop.

“Questionable Track”

The News Wheel Video no longer available broken link embed


This technically isn’t Hot Wheels…it’s Darda. And there is no way this track was really one continuous go. But still, the tracks used here are pretty creative and really entertaining to watch.

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