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5 COVID-19 Road Trip Necessities

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By now, you are probably suffering from a major case of cabin fever. Who would have thought that was even possible during summer, but COVID-19 has made the unthinkable happen. As a result, typical summer vacations have been abandoned for staycations and of course, America’s favorite way to get away — the road trip. If you’re planning to hit the road this summer, here are a few things you should remember to pack.

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summer road trip
Summer road trip
Photo: Avinash Patel via Pexels

Grab an atlas. You know the cumbersome thing that barely fits under the seat you remember from trips with your parents or dare I say, grandparents. Yes, your smartphone is much more compact, accurate, and easier to handle, but it requires service to work. You might find yourself traveling on roads with zero service, which means you’re basically lost. And, sadly in the time of COVID-19, stopping and asking for directions isn’t necessarily in your best interest. An atlas always works (that is, if you can read one. Maybe practice before you leave).

Travel apps

iPhone Apps
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In addition to the old school help from a road atlas, you’ll need some help from the modern world. FinanceBuzz contributor Matt Miczulski recommends apps such as Waze for navigation, GasBuddy to find cheap fuel, and HotelTonight to book your family’s digs for the night.

Focused itinerary

Gone are the days of the spur of the moment road trip. The pandemic has effectively demolished that wonderful notion, so it’s important that you plan ahead. You can still have some wiggle room in your itinerary (maybe), but you need to be aware of restrictions and advisories, which are changing constantly.

Snacks, drinks, and more snacks

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Snacks have always been an important part of a road trip. Now, plentiful snacks and drinks are even more important to pack since you cannot count on the availability of restaurants along the way. The more you pack also translates into more money saved.

Pandemic supplies

hand sanitizer in car face mask COVID disinfect
Photo: The News Wheel

There have always been plenty of germs to encounter on a road trip. In the time of COVID-19, the germs have multiplied to horror movie-level status. To help protect you and your family, you should have a generous stock of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and masks.

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Before you head out on your adventure, take your car in for a maintenance check because the health of your vehicle is important to the success of the trip.