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5 Disorderly Massachusetts Residents Arrested in Rhode Island Over Independence Day Weekend

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We live in a country where you are free to be stupid
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Over the Independence Day holiday weekend, one group of Massachusetts residents decided to get rowdier than the crowd at the Boston Tea Party. Only tea wasn’t their drink of preference. Alcohol was, and lots of it! What resulted was bizarre tale of drunken debauchery ending in arrest.

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Who needs tea when we have beer. Your move, Britain!
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According to the North Kingstown Patch, North Kingstown police in Rhode Island arrested 26-year-old Massachusetts resident John C. White IV and four female passengers who were traveling with him last Thursday.

Around 4:20pm on Thursday afternoon, police received reports of bottles being thrown out the window of a silver Honda. Police spotted the vehicle on Oak Hill Road and pulled it over on Esker Lane.

Patrol Officer Michael Bernardo, who was at the scene, stated he could smell alcohol as he approached the vehicle in a police report. His suspicions were correct, as police found an open bottle near the feet on one of the passengers. A search later revealed four open bottles of alcohol in the vehicle. From there, each passenger engaged in their own diverse form of alcohol induced antics.

Massachusetts Drunk Man

A mugshot of John C. White IV
Photo: New Kingston Police

White told police that he had been heading home from Scarborough Beach and had two Rolling Rocks and a shot of Fireball whiskey two hours ago. He proceeded to fail a field sobriety test and had a registered blood alcohol content of .112. White is now facing charges of refusing a chemical test and driving under the influence of alcohol.

As officers were dealing with White, additional officers arrived to deal with the passengers who were acting disorderly. One of the passengers, Koree Hudgins, stated she was able to drive sober. However, a breathalyzer test soon showed that the opposite was true: her blood alcohol content was at .187. When Hudgins was later arrested, she reportedly snuck her hand out of the handcuffs and attempted to smuggle a bottle of Fireball whisky down her shorts.

Because nobody's gonna notice you smuggling  that in your pants Photo: Steve Sherron

Because nobody’s gonna notice you smuggling that in your pants
Photo: Steve Sherron

When the passengers were removed from the vehicle, all of them tried to run toward the street. One of the passengers, Angela Soule, even urinated on the street corner. When questioned, Soule provided officers with three different dates of birth.

Danielle Lima was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice after she repeatedly yelled “I know my rights, you don’t have probable cause” at the officers. The last passenger was a 17-year-old juvenile who presented officers with false information. When the other passengers were arrested, she demanded that she be arrested too. Her case will be adjudicated in a Family Court.

The Founding Fathers must be so proud of America this Independence Day. After all, where else in the world is there such a high prevalence of bottle-flinging, urinating freedom fighters?

Ghana vs. USA

Are these tears of pride or tears of despair? You decide!

News Source: North Kingstown Patch