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5 DMV Test Myths That Confuse Young Drivers

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While it’s important to adequately study and practice for the driving exam, it’s also important to debunk some common myths you might have about it. Here are five false facts and their rebuttals to help give you an edge on the driving test.

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1. Examiners pass only a certain number of drivers each day

Examiners have no quota of passes or fails for any give day (or week, or month…). A driver passes or fails based solely on their driving skills and their performance on the driving route.

2. Memorize the test route and you’ll pass the test

Even though you might think that there’s only one route that examiners take test takers on, this is false. Each testing facility uses multiple testing routes and which one you take is up to the examiner’s decision.

3. Drive slowly so the examiner knows you’re a safe driver

In some driving situations, slow driving is a sign that you’re a cautious driver. Try to avoid doing it on the test, however, since it’s easy for an examiner to perceive slow driving as a lack of confidence behind the wheel.

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4. 10 and 2 is the best hand position 

The latest research from AAA indicates that 9 and 3 is the best (and safest) position for your hands on the steering wheel. The old 10 and 2 position positions your arms so that they obstruct the airbag. This, in turn, puts you at a safety risk in the likelihood of an accident. It can also cause you to lose some points on the driving exam.

5. Practice tests aren’t helpful

It’s a common misconception that practice tests aren’t helpful for helping you pass the actual driver’s test. Practice tests are a great way to solidify driving theory so you can ace the written test when the time comes. is a good resource to find free practice tests customized for your particular state’s road rules.

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