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5 Essential Methods to Prevent Vehicle Theft

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Car theft is one of the number one concerns for motorists anywhere in the world, especially in the United States, and proper security measures should be taken.

Every year, thousands of vehicles are stolen on the streets of the United States, many of which could have easily been prevented had proper precautions had been taken. Below is a number of security measures that all motorists should implement in order to beat car thieves.

Car Alarm

Always ensure that your car has a working alarm system in place. This may seem obvious, but if your vehicle does not have a car alarm that will ring out, then you are already a step behind the thief. Seasoned criminals will have their own methods to combat an alarm, but less experienced opportunistic thieves will be startled and panic.

The car must be locked in order for the alarm to be switched on; if the vehicle is left unlocked, then anyone is free to open the door and drive away without anyone batting an eye. Remember that the majority of car thieves do not require keys to be left in the vehicle, as they have the ability to hotwire a car in seconds.

Steering Lock

Owners truly looking to secure their vehicle should look beyond simply locking their car and leaving the alarm system to do its business. As already mentioned, while less experienced thieves might think twice when an alarm is place, veterans will not even bat an eyelid at such an obstacle.

A good visual deterrent is a steering lock, which is placed directly onto the steering wheel to lock it into place. This can clearly be seen through the windows of the vehicle, thus acting as a deterrent to any thief, who will have to factor in the additional time it will take to break the lock. This could be the difference between getting away and being caught.

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Tracking Systems

As thieves’ methods make use of modern technology, so, too, do security systems. GPS tracking devices offer a new form of security that provides constant updates about the status of the vehicle. As soon as any attempt is made to break into the vehicle—even just tampering with the handle—a notification is sent to the owner.

In the event that a thief has broken into the car and driven off, owners are able to keep abreast of the vehicle’s location via GPS tracking, which makes it far more likely to retrieve the vehicle. Some devices also offer an immobilizer function, which cuts off power to the engine, thus making any getaway impossible.

Hide All Valuables

This should be a given, but far too many motorists make the fatal mistake of leaving their valuables for all and sundry to see. Mobile phones, wallets, GPS systems, and jewellery are just some of the items that are targeted by thieves, simply because they happen to walk by and see them sitting freely on the seat or dashboard.

Some thieves are not even interested in the car, meaning they will not care about any damage they make to break in. A smashed window is not their problem to worry about, especially when they have acquired sometimes thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen goods.

Never Leave Windows Down Unattended

How many times have you walked past a car on a hot day with its windows round all the way down with no one in sight? Plenty of times, and you have probably thought that the owner of the car is playing a risky game. They are.

Many owners leave the windows open to allow air to circulate through the car. Although this undoubtedly makes conditions far more comfortable, especially on days when the thermometer is maxing out, you might as well leave a note on the hood of your car with the message “please steal me.”

If you are leaving your car, ensure that your windows are all the way up. Even just being able to slide a finger through the top is enough for a thief to eventually get the window down by rocking backwards and forwards until they can fit an entire arm through to unlock the door.

Most methods of securing your vehicle simply revolve around common sense, while others do involve investing in technology that helps protect against new and ever evolving techniques that thieves use. When used, you can confidently say that you have done all that you can to protect your vehicle.

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