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5 Items Every Dog Owner Should Keep in Their Car

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If you plan on taking your furry friend with you on an adventure any time soon, you’ll want to not only be sure you’re transporting them safely, but that you’re also prepared for the journey and any mishaps that may occur. Here are five items every dog owner should keep in their car for easygoing, pup-filled fun.

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1. Towels and wipes

Dogs seem to be drawn to mud puddles or anything wet, for that matter. If you’re taking your pup to the beach, lake, or just to the dog park after a rainy day, be prepared with a few towels. Before getting back in the car, dry off your dog with a towel and if there’s any dirt or mud residue, use dog-friendly sanitizing wipes to clean their fur.

2. Portable bowl (and drinking water)

Your furry friend can likely go quite a while without eating food, and if they’re excited about going to a new place, they probably won’t notice they haven’t eaten in a while anyway. However, you’ll want to be sure your pup stays hydrated on all of your adventures together. Many pet stores and online retailers sell silicone dog bowls that can be compressed for easy storage. Be sure to bring some drinking water as well, as you shouldn’t let your dog drink lake or beach water.

3. Poop bags

When you gotta go, you gotta go — and most of the time, dogs will go wherever they please. To be an overall good person and prevent others from stepping in dog poop, be prepared by always having bags in your car and on your person. All you have to do is stash a few (carrying just one is not realistic, let’s be real) in your pocket or travel bag when you’re not in the car and you’ll be ready for the squat.

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4. Medication

If you’re going on an extended trip with your doggo, be sure to bring along any medications they may need. If they take medication with meals, plan out your day with your pup and determine if you’ll be back home in time for them to eat and have their meds. If you’re not sure or you’ll be cutting it close, bring the medication and food along with you just in case.

5. Extra leash and harness

If Fido sees another dog or a squirrel in the distance, he may be inclined to lunge forward and potentially break his leash. Bring an extra leash or harness with you in the event that your pup decides to take advantage of a worn-down leash and run free for a bit.

With these five items in your car, you’re on your way to a stress-free adventure with your dog.

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