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5 Items to Make Your Commute A Little Bit Easier

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2014 Ford Edge

Little Things to Help Your Commute Go Smoothly

While your car is functional, delivering you from Point A to Point B, it is also a second home. If you have any length of commute to and from work, you probably spend a great deal of time in your car, and it’s the little things in life that make us the happiest. Here are five helpful items that will make your life behind the wheel just a little bit easier:


Admit it. You’ve spilled your coffee on the way to work or slammed on the brakes and sent your water bottle, the one that you were sure you sealed all the way, flying off the front seat. I know. We’ve all done it. Next time you hit the drive-thru, just ask for extra napkins and tuck them away in your glove compartment. Your interior will thank you.

Water Bottle

The number of times I’ve gotten halfway to work and realized I’d forgotten a drink to go with my packed lunch is a little embarrassing. Thankfully, I keep an “emergency” water bottle in my car. While this can be used in a real emergency, it’s also there to assist with my forgetfulness. The trick here is to remember to replace the emergency bottle when you get home.


Remember that time you had coffee and an onion bagel for breakfast, only to remember halfway to work you had a meeting with your department Director at 9 a.m.? He does too. Having a pack of gum or even a stash of Altoids in your glove compartment can be a lifesaver (not the candy; although, pick up some mint ones and that’ll work too).


It always seems to be the days when I’m already running late that my car windows decide to fog up. It’s like each window is its own punishment for every time I hit the snooze button. Keeping a small washcloth in the trunk makes wiping the condensation off your windows easy. It works a lot better than the sleeve of your jacket, trust me.


The last thing you should be doing during rush hour traffic is messing around with your phone. Trying to click “next” on your music as it shuffles through the thousands of songs can be dangerous and stressful. Create a playlist for your drive to and from work and plug your phone in before you pull out of the driveway. Your commute will be full of your favorite music and you won’t even feel tempted to touch your phone. Plus, you can charge your phone on your way to work. Win-win.

None of these items are necessities. But it’s the little things that make the biggest differences. Whether you are listening to your favorite music or enjoying your favorite bagel (without worrying about the pungent consequences), those little things can change your morning mood and your attitude throughout the day.