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5 Life-Changing Car Accessories Every Dog Owner Should Have

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Every dog owner knows that dogs are more than just pets – they’re family. We want to take them everywhere with us, which often means riding in the car (not that most dogs would complain about that). But having your dog in the car can often be a pain, with the constant coating of dog hair on your seats and their muddy paws after a trip to the dog park, so here are a few items that will make your canine-friendly road trip a little easier.

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5 Life-Changing Car Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs

1. Seat hammock

How many times have you been cruising along with your dog in the back seat, pressed on the brakes, and your best friend has fallen off the back seat? This is a huge safety hazard, especially older dogs. Dog hammock seat covers attach to the headrests of the first- and second-row seats and tucks into the seat itself, creating a “hammock” for your dog to stay in. Your dog will still sit or lay on the seat itself, but the hammock will prevent them from falling into the foot space and risking an injury. Plus, they’re usually waterproof, water-resistant, and/or washable for easy cleanup if your dog has mud or grime on their feet.


2. Handheld vacuum

We’ve all been there: you’re driving on the highway, your dog isn’t even in the car, and there’s fur floating around in the front seat. Depending on the breed, dog fur can become unbearable in the car if it’s not cleaned out regularly. Instead of dragging your plug-in vacuum out to your garage to clean out your car, consider a smaller, handheld vacuum. You can even get handheld vacuums that are battery-powered or will plug directly into your car, so you won’t have to worry about finding an exterior plug. Many of these vacuums will fit perfectly in your trunk, taking up minimal space, and giving you access to a clean car any time, anywhere.


3. Travel water bowl

Even though our dogs are our best friends, that doesn’t mean all of us are willing to drink directly from the same water bottle. Luckily, there are dozens and dozens of collapsible water bowls on the market. Bring your own water bottle for the journey, and you can share with your pup by pouring some out into their bowl. Then, the bowl collapses and slides right into a seat back pocket or into your glove compartment.


4. Dog seat belt

You wouldn’t ride in the car without a seat belt, and your dog shouldn’t either. Dog seat belts attach to your dog’s harness and buckle right in to keep them securely in place. This helps protect your dog when you’re braking and in the event of an accident; plus, this will keep them in the back seat if your dog tends to find his or her way up front. Safety is the most important thing for all passengers, including your furry best friend.


5. Pet first aid kit

These kits are pretty similar to traditional first aid kits, but there are a few key items that you may need for your pet:

  • Tweezers for splinters, spurs, ticks, or other items stuck in their paws or fur
  • Gauze and antiseptic for any minor cuts or injuries
  • Exam gloves for you to wear
  • Blanket and cold pack to accomodate appropriate weather conditions
  • Phone numbers for animal poison control and an emergency veterinarian

You can make a pet first aid kit yourself, but there are also pre-made kits available from several different retailers.


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