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5 Life Hacks for Cars

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Whether you’re great at fixing things and simplifying your life or not, chances are most of us appreciate shortcuts to streamline our daily routine. Here are five life hacks for your car to make your drive a bit more relaxing (so you can be as carefree as Grace Kelly’s convertible ride in To Catch a Thief…or whatever your more modern equivalent is).

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Photo: DaveHax

Phone Holder

If you don’t have an official smartphone holder gadget for your vehicle, you can simply thread a rubber band through two bars of your air vent and slip your phone inside of the two loops.


Photo: DaveHax


Duct tape isn’t just for Red Green types with an obsession for taping anything and everything. Maybe your car only has one functional cupholder or you simply end up having a collection of thermoses in your cabin due to your on-the-go lifestyle. A roll of duct tape should be heavy enough to provide a makeshift anchor for your cup of coffee the next time you need a spare cupholder.


Photo: DaveHax

Windshield Dehumidifier

Does your windshield tend to fog up during early morning or late night drives? Fill a sock with kitty litter and secure the end with a rubber band. Place the sock on your dashboard to help soak up the interior moisture of your vehicle and keep the front window clear.


Crumb Catcher

Do you struggle to keep the grit and grime out of your cupholders? Try lining them with paper baking cups that you can find in the baking aisle of your store.


Bag Holder

Metal shower hooks are an easy way to implement a purse or bag holding system in your vehicle. Just clip one of these on one of your headrest posts (as pictured above) and enjoy keeping your bag secure during the drive.


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