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5 More Great Children’s Books About Cars

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Photo: Victoria Borodinova via Pixabay

It’s never too early to help young ones develop a passion for reading and the road. Here are five car-themed books worth adding to your child’s library.

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“Dig Dig Digging” by Margaret Mayo

dig dig digging
Photo: Amazon

Margaret Mayo’s “Dig Dig Digging” is a great introduction to hardworking vehicles for 3- to 6-year-old readers. From tractors to fire engines and dump trucks to garbage trucks, each double-page spread will teach your child more about the important functions that vehicles perform on a daily basis.

“Sputter, Sputter, Sput!” by Babs Bell

sputter sputter sput
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Another suggestion that Pragmatic Mom blog’s Mia Wenjen recommends is “Sputter, Sputter, Sput!” Babs Bell provides the simple text while Bob Staake gets the credit for the delightful illustrations. The story takes little ones on an imaginative journey with the car protagonist. They must also figure out why the car suddenly stops so the car can continue on its way and the story can have a positive ending.

“On the Road” by Susan Steggall

on the road by susan stegall
Photo: Amazon

Susan Steggal wrote and illustrated this engaging book for young gearheads. Cut and torn-paper collage artwork depicts a family’s road trip through city traffic and the countryside to their ocean destination. And the tale equips children with a basic vocabulary for articulating their own roadside travels, with directional phrases like “up the hill” and “into the tunnel.”

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“Katy and the Big Snow” by Virginia Lee Burton

katy and the big snow
Photo: Amazon

Originally published in 1943, Virginia Lee’s classic board book still continues to delight young auto enthusiasts. It depicts the tale of a big red tractor named Katy who saves a city during a snowstorm by clearing the streets of snow. The repetition of the text and charming illustrations make it a big hit with children under 6 years of age.

“The Very Bumpy Bus Ride” by Michaela Muntean

the very bumpy bus ride
Photo: Amazon

Bernard Wiseman provides the whimsical illustrations for this fun tale involving a bus with poor suspension and the group of Rumbletown residents who are traveling to the county fair. While not the most positive portrayal of public transportation, it’s a delightful vintage story to introduce youngsters to the importance of community and how even the most unfortunate of travel-related mishaps can have a happy outcome.

For even more car-themed books for young ones, check out this article here. Or browse these auto-themed toys that are sure to capture your child’s interest while engaging their mind.

What’s your favorite children’s book about cars? Let us know in the comments below!