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5 Most Coveted Celebrity Cars of All Time

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Celebrities with a lot of money at their disposal often spend it on extravagant and exorbitantly priced items. And there’s no better status symbol than a unique and expensive car, such as one of the top five coveted celebrity cars mentioned below. These cars are beautiful, bold, and definitely make a statement. Sadly, most of us—ourselves included—probably don’t have that kind of cash just sitting in our bank accounts (unless we win big at an online game or something). If you do strike it big and want to live like the stars, here are our top picks for celebrity rides.

[wptab name=”Beckham’s Porsche”]

Porsche 911 Turbo david beckham celebrity cars

Beckham’s Porsche Turbo looked something like this

David Beckham’s Porsche

Our favorite footie star has not only married a posh former Spice Girl, but had a rather posh Porsche: the Porsche Turbo to be precise. His black convertible was sleek and classy, though he no longer drives this beautiful car. However, this matte black Beckham-mobile sold for a staggering $217,100 at auction back in 2011.


[wptab name=”Flo Rida’s Bugatti”]

Bugatti Veyron flo rida celebrity cars

The enviable Bugatti Veyron

Flo Rida’s Bugatti Veyron

Flo Rida keeps it fun and funky in his Bugatti Veyron. And guess what color it is? That’s a trick question; it has, in fact, been many colors. Flo likes to get his Bugatti wrapped from time to time, which means it has been a variety of colors including white, gold, chrome, and even a dazzling bright pink. But Mr. Rida did not choose this trendy colored car for its bold aesthetic; he had the car wrapped in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This makes Flo Rida the coolest rider of them all, showing that he has a good heart and does not suffer from fragile masculinity; who says pink is only for girls? So what color is his car now? Rumor has it that he has settled with gold, but who knows when he will change his mind. A good defense against the paparazzi, though!


[wptab name=”’s McLaren”]

McLaren MP4-12c celebrity rides

The McLaren MP4-12c
Photo: onesnap’s McLaren MP4-12c has a super fly car (well, actually, carS), but today we are talking about his very sexy McLaren MP4-12c. This black beauty has upward opening doors, and just screams luxury and lavish living.


[wptab name=”Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche”]

Porsche 959 jerry seinfeld celebrity cars

The Porsche 959
Photo: Steve Maslello

Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche 959

Funny man Jerry Seinfeld has an impressive Porsche collection, featuring a total of 46 Porsches. The best of the bunch has to be his Porsche 959. With only 337 of these classic cars ever made, it really is a collector’s item. Not only that, but it has a lightning-fast top speed of 195 mph.


[wptab name=”Jay Z’s Maybach”]

Maybach Exelero jay z celebrity cars

The Maybach Exelero
Photo: Brian Snelson

Jay Z’s Maybach Exelero

Being married to Queen Bey is not enough for Jay Z; he also has what is arguably the best car ever. Jay drives a Maybach Exelero—you would have seen it in his music video for Lost One. This car is worth $8 million, and goes from 0 – 60 in 4.44 seconds. Pretty impressive stuff!

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