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5 Must-Have Accessories for New RV Owners

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As a new RV owner, your first thought is probably, “Where to first?” But before you embark on an exciting cross-country adventure in your new ride, you should consider adding these helpful accessories to your arsenal to make your RV life a bit easier.

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Holding tank treatment

The holding tank of your RV is where waste materials will end up after you and your passengers use the in-vehicle facilities. As such, you don’t want things to get clogged or start smelling up the place. This organic holding tank treatment from Happy Campers is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and odor free, meaning you won’t have a lingering chemical smell floating around the cabin.


ron swanson parks and rec tool box

Photo: NBC

Tool set

Moustachioed woodsman and Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department director Ron Swanson once said, “No home is complete without a proper toolbox.” The same could be said for your RV, which is basically your home away from home. As such, be sure to have a well-stocked tool set containing essential items like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, sockets, and a hammer.


Refrigerator bars

Imagine driving through winding roads in the mountains in your RV. Now imagine all of the food items and liquids potentially shifting around in the fridge. Keep things from falling out once you open that door by installing refrigerator bars. These easy-to-use items are spring loaded, will help prevent spills, and can be used in cabinets to keep plates or cups from falling as well.


water pressure gauge old rusted

Water pressure regulator

Water is your RV’s worst enemy, and a burst line could mean ending a trip early due to your vehicle being out of commission. When you connect your rig up to a park’s water lines, you should use a water pressure regulator to ensure nothing drastic happens. While most parks keep their water pressure fairly low, all it takes is one time to ruin the RV you spent your hard-earned money on.


coaxial cable

Photo: Ben Watts

Coaxial cable

Sure, you’re traveling to experience the great outdoors and get connected with nature. But there’s also a big game on that you absolutely can’t miss. If you want to hook up to a campground’s cable outlet, you’ll need a coaxial cable to do so. Be sure to get one that is at least 25 feet long so you can reach the outlet and catch all the action.


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