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5 of the Weirdest Drive-Thrus in America

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Drive-thrus aren’t just for fast food and coffee. Here’s a look at five of the weirdest — and most convenient — drive-thru stores in America.

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Drive-thru voting

Photo: amberzen

With the advent of drive-thru voting booths, casting your ballet just became even more convenient. These booths are particularly helpful for elderly and disabled people, who may have trouble accessing traditional polling stations. Currently, voters in a few California and Oregon counties can enjoy drive-thru democracy.

Drive-thru funerals

Funeral procession
Photo: Carl Lender

Hop in the car and get ready for your mourning commute. In Los Angeles, the Robert L. Adams Mortuary displays the deceased in a glass case, so you pay your respects from behind the wheel. The funeral parlor designed this style of viewing for public figures and people with large crowds of mourners.

Drive-thru emergency rooms

allergy-proof your car nose blowing sneeze tissue

Photo: William Brawley via CC

A trip to the emergency room can be stressful, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. That’s why Stanford hospital is trying to streamline the process — by tending to patients right in the parking lot. A test run of the program found that it only took physicians an average of 26 minutes to care for a drive-in patient, versus an average of 90 minutes for a traditional ER visit. Plus, with in-car treatment, patients are less likely to spread contagious illnesses to others.

Drive-thru weddings

wedding newlyweds car

It’s no shock that the Las Vegas Tunnel of Love would boast drive-thru weddings. But Sin City isn’t the only place you can exchange a drive-thru “I do.” You can also experience mobile matrimony at Mother Earth Goddess in Florida and Lydon Chapel in Massachusetts.

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Drive-thru liquor and guns

beer - how to properly tailgate

Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

Drinking, driving, and gunplay — these three things are best left separate. However, that doesn’t stop the Double Shot Liquor & Guns Drive Thru from offering its services to the good folks of Schulenburg, Texas. However, Double Shot Liquor & Guns Drive Thru isn’t the only booze n’ boomstick drive-thru in the Lone Star State — Double Shot just stands out due to its quirky name.